Life Finds A Way

Warning: This is a movie review of Jurassic World.  Stop reading if you haven’t watched it yet.  Spoilers abound!

Now with that out of the way… Hold onto your butts!*

(*I’ve hidden quotes and dialogue references from the original Jurassic Park throughout this post.  See how many you’ve spotted at the end of the review!)

Jurassic World opens with a short, but significant scene: two ostrich-sized eggs hatch, and one of the baby dinosaurs peaks out at the audience.  Why is this three minute scene so important? First of all, it captures the birth of the Indominus Rex, a genetically modified monster, which goes on to become the main threat to all the juicy, sweet meats (AKA humans) on the island.  Second, and most important, the opening scene connects the plot of Jurassic World to its predecessor, Jurassic Park.  It’s not apparent at first; I didn’t even notice the connection until reflecting on the movie afterward.  This scene shows the results of Dr. Henry Wu’s research.  Not only is he responsible for the creation of the Indominus Rex, he’s also the man responsible for all of the dinosaurs in the original film.  Dr. Wu is present in the egg-hatching scene from the original movie and provides information about the dinosaurs (i.e. the populations are kept in check because the dinosaurs all female – we find out later that is one big pile of shit), so he becomes the only character link between the two films.  It’s pretty awesome how JW took a minor character from JP and transformed him into one of the main villains of this film.