Remember To Use Stones (StokerCon 2017)

I just endured two and a half days of pure horror! But that’s kind of what you’d expect from a conference called StokerCon, which is organized by the Horror Writers Association. This past weekend, I attended the second annual StokerCon on board the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. Once one of the finest ocean liners in the world, she now serves as a hotel and historic site. The ship actually saw some action during WWII, when the Queen Mary was conscripted into the war effort. She was then known as “The Grey Ghost” due to her new paint job, and she played a role in transporting troops from the United States to Europe. Oh, and she’s also haunted.  (more…)

I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost (Maybe)

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood… who you gonna call?! In my case, the pizza guy because I’d be damned hungry after running away.  But I’ve been very fortunate thus far in my encounters with the paranormal.  Yes, I’m a believer.  Make fun of me if you wish, but I’m certain ghosts exist.  I mean, I’ve never experienced something so terrifying that I’ve felt compelled to call some real-life ghost hunters (though admittedly, I’d be exited to meet Jason and Grant).  No run-ins with statuesque hellhounds; androgynous, ancient gods; transparent librarians; or goopy, green ectoplasm. (more…)