ninja turtles

Strike Hard And Fade Away

With spring officially upon us, I took the opportunity to clean up my laptop’s hard drive. It’s amazing how many files full of stories, ideas, and assignments I’ve amassed in the past two years as an MFA student. After organizing my stuff in a way that would make Mary Poppins teary with pride, I spotted a folder I had labeled “Old Stuff.” Everything I had written pre-Stonecoast had been placed into that folder prior to my first residency. I haven’t looked at any of the files in there since, so of course, I pulled a Pandora and opened the glittery box. (more…)

I Love Being A Turtle (Fan)

I’ve been going back and forth the entire month trying to figure out a topic for my monthly blog post, but I just couldn’t zero in on anything of interest.  It’s the curse of the writer’s block.  However, while going through some photos I took during Wonder Con last weekend, I realized that I haven’t really blogged about my Ninja Turtles fandom.  And that’s kind of a shame because they played such a huge part in my childhood, and they continue to inspire and entertain me to this day (with the exception of Michael Bay’s movies – I’m a fan of Ninja Turtles, not the ugly, illegitimate love children of Shrek and The Hulk).


Ninja Kick The Damn Rabbit

**This post is part of the very first Stonecoast Blog Train, linking the blogs of several Stonecoast students and alumni.  Hop aboard and take a ride! Everyone’s really nice.  Except me, I bite.  Giggity.**

Blog Train Theme: Who are you? What’s this blog-a-ma-jig for?

I’m a storyteller.  I came to this conclusion at a very young age.  One Saturday morning, after yet another spectacular episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Michelangelo had met his hero, Bug Man – yeah, it’s gross in hindsight), I turned to my stash of action figures and began a new adventure with my favorite terrapins.  Leonardo, out on his own to pick up a sardine and jellybean pizza, was ambushed and kidnapped by the evil Shredder and his goons.  Now leaderless, Don, Raph, and Mikey struggled to save him.  They invaded the Shredder’s fortress, consisting of an ottoman and a dining room chair, but it was heavily guarded.  There were enemies everywhere! Then Donatello came up with a brilliant idea: he sent out an S.O.S. to other heroes in the land of Saturday Morning Adventures.  With a mighty wind, the Ultimate Warrior (forever stuck in one pose because his legs weren’t built to move), Duke (inexplicably half the size of everyone else, so his guns looked laughably pathetic), and Bumblebee (half-transformed because that shit was complicated) arrived to aid the forces of good.  When the dust cleared, Leonardo was free, but Duke had died in the rescue effort.  That’s okay, though.  I only missed him half of the time.