New Strength, New Thoughts

For the first time since I began this blog, I failed to make a monthly post. December was such a busy month for me — the holidays, preparing for a trip to Europe, wrapping things up at work — that my usual blog post fell close to the bottom of priorities. I actually stressed out about it. Writing is always on my mind, and the thought that I’d miss a monthly blog post gnawed at my conscience. But if 2018 taught me anything, it’s that self-care is important and that failures, both large and small, shouldn’t be a source of stress. Rather, they should be sources of determination, and I’m determined to make 2019 a more fruitful year than the last one. (more…)

Ideas Are Like Rabbits

My writing process is best described as “scattered.” I don’t always follow one tried and true formula. Rather, I tend to let the story dictate my approach. If I know the ending, then I’ll write toward that goal. If I know how the story starts but not how it ends, then I need to explore the different directions it could travel before determining the perfect path to a satisfying ending. As you can probably guess, I’m mostly a “pantser.” I love writing without plot points and seeing what happens. I lose more words this way during edits, but I enjoy the freedom to discover unexpected gems. Don’t get me wrong; I do use plot points on rare occasions when working on longer stories. Even then, I don’t have every detail laid out before me. I leave just enough wiggle room to let myself color outside the lines if the situation calls for it. While I tend to be all over the place when I write, I have noticed one aspect that stays consistent: I always begin the process with one core idea. I think that’s true for all writers. Every story grows from a single idea, concept, or premise. But where do they come from?


The Beast About To Strike

Tonight is Halloween. The veil between the human and spirit worlds grows thin, allowing all sorts of mischief and mayhem to crossover. Many of us revel in the one day out of the year where scary things are accepted, celebrated, and allowed to roam the streets looking to score a king-sized Snickers bar. As a kid, I loved joining the colorful processions passing through the neighborhood. I’d laugh nervously at the screams coming from “haunted houses,” while anticipating my own shriek when a vampire would pop out from a coffin, or a zombie would reach out and grab my leg. Now as an adult, I prefer more subdued Halloween celebrations. I won’t be frolicking outside in the cold weather amongst the hobgoblins. Instead, I’m going to turn out the lights, burrow in the covers, and play some video games… scary video games! Here are five of my favorite horror games, perfect for a screaming good time on All Hallows’ Eve: (more…)

Go Out And Steal The Show: The Progression of Women’s Wrestling in WWE

The WWE is making history next month on October 28 when they broadcast their first ever all-women’s PPV event, Evolution. All four women’s titles will be on the line: the Smackdown Women’s Championship, the Raw Women’s Championship, the NXT Women’s Championship, and the NXT UK Women’s Championship. Additionally, the finals of the second annual Mae Young Classic, a women’s tournament with 32 competitors from around the world, will also take place at the PPV. For those who’ve followed pro-wrestling over the past few decades, this is a huge event that seemed inconceivable even five years ago. Potholes of misogyny and sexism littered the road to Evolution, but so many women fought past those hazards and blazed the trail. Now it’s finally happening. The women will have the spotlight to themselves. They’re ready to kick ass and deliver an unforgettable show. (more…)

Welcome To My Reality

My current obsession with the video game, Overwatch, has been officially documented in a previous blog post. Everyone in my life, from parents to co-workers, cousins to friends, knows that I’m a fan. There’s been one unexpected side effect from my new fandom: the desire to watch others play the game. Yes, I love playing Overwatch — despite how frustrating it can be — but I’ve discovered that this game is just as entertaining to watch as it is to play. (more…)